Dream Sharers:Love/Hate


作者:by Tabatha Weatherbee


出版社:Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co.

出版地:Houston, TX


ISBN:978-1-62857-159-2 ; 1-62857-159-4

Michael and Darla have been friends since childhood and each has an extraordinary gift: they are able to use their souls to enter the sleeping minds of others and join in, or alter, their dreams. However, neither initially reveals their dream-sharing power to the other.
As Michael and Darla enter the same elite boarding school they are still unaware that each has this power, although they frequently dream-share with each other. Their close relationship is encouraged by their powerful and wealthy families.
Together with their friends Earl and Lori, the students join the Outdoor Club, which takes them on a trip to Tibet. There, deep in a frozen cave on the side of Mt. Everest, Michael discovers ancient scrolls that seem to tell of himself and Darla. But as Michael struggles to fully decipher the text, Darla grows weaker, finding herself unable to resist the allure of the dream world.
Michael must decode the prophecy and keep Darla from becoming lost in a dream state. Will he be able to save her before the nightmares keep her soul forever?

Tabatha Weatherbee was born in Houston, Texas. She currently lives in Pendleton, Indiana, with her family. Ms. Weatherbee works for a company that manufacturers medical refrigerators and devotes much of her time to local charities. She is a passionate writer and has been writing for over eight years. Dream Sharers is her third book.
Publisher’s website: http://sbpra.com/TabathaWeatherbee

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  • The Nightmare(p.navpoint-6)
  • Darla Has Her First Shared Dream(p.navpoint-7)
  • Michael Has His First Shared Dream(p.navpoint-8)
  • The Weekend Visit(p.navpoint-9)
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  • The Battle Begins(p.navpoint-14)
  • The Big Birthday Bash(p.navpoint-15)
  • A Secret Unfolds(p.navpoint-16)
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